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Electric Panel Upgrades

The absolute core of any commercial or residential power system is found in your home or business’s electrical panel.

When to change your electric panel

When breakers are damaged or worn out: A breaker may overheat when outdated. If circuits have been gradually added over the years, a panel upgrade is often required to support the increased energy output. Panels contaminated by water or other corrosive materials are also candidates for replacement.

Are you still using a fuse box?

Outdated electrical technology and fuse systems cannot support the electrical demands of today’s modern family or business enterprise and most insurance companies will not provide coverage to homes or buildings with an outdated fuse system. Faulty builder-class panels and split buss panels produced many years ago by questionable manufacturers must be replaced immediately to ensure safety. Consult with Zen Electric Media for an inspection to determine whether your panel is safe.

Zen Electric Media provides:

  • Fuse panels to circuit breaker installation
  • Outdoor Panel Installations
  • Emergency Panel Installation
  • Circuit Identification on Existing Panels
  • Main Panel Installation for new construction
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Sub Panels

Safe – Efficient – Electrical Service in Sebastopol

Whatever your reason for replacing your electrical panel, Zen Electric Media can get the job done efficiently and guarantees:

  • Experienced workmanship and meticulous installation
  • Installation of the most trusted and highest quality panels that best suit your needs
  • Efficient, safe and orderly panel installation with minimal disruption to your Sebastopol home or business

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